Do you have what it takes?

Change. Do you have what it takes to create positive change? Do you have the passion, do you have a vision, do you have the support, do you have the perseverance, have you counted the cost?

There is no doubt that we can look around this world and notice there is something inherently wrong with the way we live our lives.We know there are questions that need to be asked and revelations to be had but the question is who is going to be brave enough to ask the questions, who is going to gain the vision?

There are enough people point out the problems of life, critique others, and rant about how unfair life has been to them, if you are one of these people you will NEVER make a positive change in this world. You are the venom which seeks to suck any potental life out of a situation because you have already precieved the stiuation to be hopeless. You justify those feelings by seeking the affermation of those whom you have already slain. The problem with these people is they have become so disconnected with their self and with others they lose the ability to feel anything–they have become numb–the only fleeting resemblance of fulfillment comes from the death of another.

So what is the difference between the one who point out problems from those who make a difference? Strength. The temptation will always be to become a disconnected ranter of all that is negative. It take strength to wrestle with the questions of why the world, or institutions of this world, or even institutions of the divine function in the manor they do. The simple answer is that we live in a broken world. This answer describes our reality. Yet there is another answer. Christ has redeemed us with the father, and has overcome the world. This also describes our reality. Both statements are comprehensive truths of our reality standing at odds against the other. These two truths together hold the potential energy to change the world. This energy is felt in the dissonance of our own lives.

The difference between the ranters and the world changers is the ability to feel and manage dissonance. It is though dissonance we are safe to ask the questions no one else is willing to articulate. It is though dissonance we are allowed to admit that we have not yet found an answer. It is though dissonance the strength of the human spirt can be displayed. It is through dissonance world changing communities are born. It is though dissonance revolutions take place. To ignore the dissonance one feels is to deny a part of his or her humanity.

350 years ago there was a group of people who knew there was more to life than the life they were living in England. They knew the world in which they lived was a place that robed people from their humanity. Then there came word that there was a ‘new land’ in the west. For some the dissonance inside of them has not grown to the point of action but for others the dissonance in side of them evoked them to take action. Men came and stood before the powers–the cause of their dissonance–to convince them to charter a trip across the atlantic. Although much of England felt the same dissonance, there were only a few who’s convictions were strong enough to board a ship sailing into the newly charted waters of the Atlantic. They had yet not found the ultimate answer to their dissonance, but they came together in a community and fought for an idea in which this inaugural charter to America represented. They were willing to admit that they did not know what was going to await them in the new world, but they knew that they would face it together fighting for the idea. They counted the cost, many knew this journey had the potential to kill them. For most there was no going back to the life they knew in England after they boarded the ship. For the men and women on that boat it was better to die while making progress than dying in the world of complacency.

To these men and women the power of dissonance was fulfilled. Today because of their brave efforts we now live in a country where we can live in freedom. The same thing is now happening in the Middle East. The dissonance in the people has grown to a point where a few people began to take a stand for freedom. This action encouraged others who were not as brave to to take the same stand. So take a look around, what do you see, what causes dissonance in your life? Have you slipped into a life of cynicism, where is your heart, what are your passions, what gifts has God given you to change the world? How strong is the dissonance in your life? Is it building, do others see it? What questions are you asking? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are experience the same dissonance? Have you been informing people of the dissonance you are experience in your life? Have you counted the cost of taking action on your dissonance? Are your ready to push off and leave the like you know for a cause? Are you ready to change the world?

There a many people who never see a problem or an opportunity, then there are some who do see the problem but refuse to do anything about it, then there are few who talk about the problem but still do nothing, and then there are the even fewer who begin to do something, and then there are very few who actually submit themselves to being the solution the problem. What type of person are you? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Do you have what it takes?


One response to “Do you have what it takes?

  1. Curious to learn what sparked the thought behind this post, although I can assume you were asking the same questions of yourself which developed into posing the question to ‘your readers’. What problems (or opportunities) are you specifically thinking of, Justin? I guess we can discuss this later, but those were my immediate thoughts and questions. Good post.

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